You know, it’s a really nice feeling being back in swing – for a while there, activity was pretty slow…

But things like that happen. People have lives, and some things end up taking priority, whether people realize it or not. I personally find it encouraging though! Many would-be VN studios end up breaking completely before they make headway, and understandably so – it’s not easy to make a good VN, not at all.

What I find encouraging though is the way that we persevere. We are SC7, and we will never give up~

So even after the minis, even after CoLoCo, the reason we initially formed, we will STILL continue to make VNs.

And that’s the truth~


On a side note, today is a birthday day! Happy birthday to Scroll_Up, one of our obscenely talented musicians!

To properly prepare his birthday surprise we bought tacochickenwings a duck suit, two cans of tomato sauce, and 3 bottles of alcohol.

Y’know, the usual stuff.



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